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I enjoyed learning how to drive and think that was due to your support and encouragement.

I love driving and that's down to your brilliant teaching.

(Charlotte King - Bingley)


Tony is a good Instructor. I enjoyed my time learning with him.

He explained things clearly so I could understand and if not, all I had to do was ask.

Would recommend to anyone, passed 1st time.

(Eddie Uttley - Bradford)


I got there in the end thanks to Tony. I do appreciate all the patience and commitment.

(Aisha Mohamade - Leeds)


Starting to drive is a major milestone in your life which is why it's important to pick the best possible driving school.

CAHILLS School Of Motoring gives you the knowledge, confidence and practical skills

to succeed.

(Sanjin Bajgoric - Bailiff Bridge)


Tony helped eliminate my bad habits to gain my UK licence, a great guy, many thanks.

(Kenneth Etta - Bradford)


Tony got me through the test, now I have a UK licence, a great guy, very friendly + helpful.

(George Khvedelidze - Bradford)


Got my licence back thanks to Tony, helpful, friendly + reliable, thanks.

(Robert Cubitt - Eldwick)


Contacted Tony after failing my test 1st time with another Instructor.

I wish I'd found him earlier, he helped me through my faults and I passed no problem.

(Jess Baines - Bradford)


I passed 1st time with only 1 minor fault thanks to Tony, so helpful, made learning to drive easier than I thought it would be.

Would recommend to anyone.

(Lewis Marshall - Bradford)


Tony always turned up on time, learning to drive was hard for me but Tony had the patience + knowledge to get me through.

(Charlene Turner - Bradford)


Thank you for all that you did for me whilst I was learning to drive including installing

confidence in me and my driving. Tony is a top instructor.

(Edward Gribbin - Bradford)


I started lessons with Tony after a 3 year break,

He worked with me to eliminate the bad habits I'd picked up, was patient and

encourging but at the same time pushed me to what he knew I could do.

I was nervous but he put me at ease and my confidence improved.

I passed 1st time and have just completed my Pass Plus with him too.

Would highly recommend.

(Laura Baines - Bingley)


Thank you for being so patient, supportive and encouraging with me,

drove to work today for the 1st time in my lovely Ford Ka - great feeling!

(Carrie-Ann Merrifield - Farsley)


Tony was my 5th Instructor after a 2 year break,

He was the best I had, constantly putting me at ease, patiently pushing me

to persevere and succeed.

I passed 1st time after just a few weeks which I was delighted about.

I highly recommend him and am so grateful for all his help.

(Rochelle Whittaker - Leeds)




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